Tarry not… time does not.

Did you notice that on 00:00 Jan 1 2016, time did not pause to take a breather to celebrate with you? She simply chugged along, slow and steadynlike always. She waits for no one. Begin today.


There is a country!

5 years ago, I wrote a letter to Mr President. Even though my letter was an open letter on the internet and probably never got delivered, it was nevertheless heartfelt.

Today, 5 years after, a monumental thing has just happened in our dear country. The People of Nigeria have proved to themselves that they can change a government that is not palatable to them. A little step it may seem, but its the first step in the right direction.

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Introducing www.2015Elections.net

So I decided to create a website to gather public opinion around the 2015 General elections in Nigeria. There are a few polls already set up and a few more coming.

Most of all, you can also share your own views and opinions on the site. I hope you enjoy the site as much as i enjoyed building it.


Visit http://www.2015elections.net to start voting, and don’t just vote, share your favourite polls with your friends.

My Year of … … fill in the blanks

Our existence on earth, we have divided up into various measurements of time: days, weeks, years.

Time passes. Or does it? Or are we simply experiencing through time? Is time like the markings on a ruler; fixed and unmovable while we move through the markings experiencing as we go?

My musings are prompted by our seemingly exceedingly high expectations of the New Year. Any New Year. Like our luck is automatically supposed to upend at the stroke of 12, jan 1st, any year.

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Leader by Force by Fire

It is amusing, this government we have in Nigeria. It is amusing because they think that they know what they are doing. But more importantly, it is sad. Sad that a country can be so endowed and yet suffer so much.

This our collective karma ehn, na wa!

To all those in government who think leadership is their right by force by fire, to them goes my early condolences. If only they know what great responsibility it is to be in a position of power, if only they know to what lengths they have entangled themselves by the misuse of power, they would break down and cry.

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