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July 4, 2011

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Dear Jonathan

March 8, 2010

Dear Jonathan,

I do sincerely hope that my letter meets you in good health. I write to you with the full confidence in my heart that you shall one day receive my letter. It then may not be in my hand, but the contents of it shall, in good faith, be essentially the same.

As a human being and a student of nature too, I believe strongly that nothing in life happens by chance. Not a single fortune or misfortune nor a happening or mishap happens by chance! Every single occurrence is always pre-ordained and governed by the simple Laws that govern nature and everything in it including us human beings.

The simple fact that we are Nigerians also did not happen by chance! Every single soul that is born on the spread of land called Nigeria is born there because it needs to be a Nigerian for its earth-life, otherwise it would have been born elsewhere! Furthermore, the fact that we have the kind of leaders that lead us in Nigeria is not also a thing left to chance. If we are truthful enough and we want to be as candid as candid can be, then we would see a perfect reflection of our leaders in ourselves!

And the purpose of my missive? I am not writing you to chastise nor criticize. Far from it, for who am I to chastise and criticize? I only write you in order to point your gaze to what I see so that perhaps you too may become seeing. But again, thine eyes might already be acquaintances with what I seek to show you. I may never know. Nevertheless, I write.

Dear Jonathan, today the mantle of leadership of this great country rests in your hands. In your hands lie the reins that will move the horse either forward or backward. It is not by chance! Neither is it simply because of the meaning of your first name! Surely, in your quiet moments, you too must have marveled at your own itinerary. Such a train of events cannot simply be attached to the meaning of a first name (as many seem to believe) nor can it be attributed to chance! It is fate! A simple working of the simple Laws that govern us all whether we want to acknowledge them or not.

Now, Jonathan, what you do with this mantle of leadership is entirely in your own hands! Take heed that you do not let the rabble rousers derail you. For leadership is indeed a great responsibility. It is better not to accept it when one cannot be a leader than to accept it and take it lightly. Bitter is the wrath of the people on failed leadership; more bitter still, the wrath of The simple Laws of Creation.

For no one else in the history of this great country has the journey to the top been made easier than it has been for you, and as easy as it was getting to the top, so shall it be in moving the great horse that is Nigeria forward. The key is within you. Listen to your conscience and you shall never fail. The southerners count on you because it is their first, you cannot afford to fail them. The good people of this great country count on you, you cannot afford to fail them. Be the man, be their man. You are not at the top by chance. Look up to The Good Lord. He alone can show you the way. Remember, you do not have a second chance at an only opportunity!
And Like Moses stood with his people before the Red Sea, so do we stand behind you. With The Power of The Lord behind him, Moses parted the Red Sea and led his people to safety. With The Power of The Lord behind you, you can lead us across the turbulent sea ahead. Dear Jonathan, all lies solely in thy hands.

Hello world!

March 8, 2010

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